TOP-5 breeds of dogs for children

Do you consider buying a dog for your family? We will tell you which breeds are the most suitable for small kids and easy to take care of so that you adopt not only a defender but a true friend.

1. The labrador-retriever can be highlighted in the absence of aggression against humans and other animals. Easy to train, they contact people with enthusiasm. Labrador Retriever is a smart, active, playful, sociable dog, they always seek ways to please their owners and want to make friends with everyone. They are good with children and also get along with other animals.

2. The pug has an open character and is distinguished by kindness. Pugs love to play and have fun, but they are not too active, so they tend to eat and take a nap. Most pugs are good with children, being patient, and always ready to play with them. They are intelligent and can be easily trained if approached properly.

3. Newfoundland is distinguished by devotion and kindness. These dogs are perfect for the family where there are children. They always have enough patience in communicating with small kids. They treat even the smallest kids with love and calm. Newfoundlands also love to spend time playing with older children and they are great companions to child’s research while keeping kids safe.

4. Senbernar - a prudent dog flexible to training. Has a balanced, patient and calm character. Since this breed of dogs was used to save people, they have a great need to be part of a family. Excellent for all family members, especially for children. Due to the phlegmatic nature, with proper upbringing, these dogs will be great companions for younger family members not only at home but also on walks.

5. Central Asian Shepherd (Alabai). Despite their fighting skills, Central Asian Shepherds are known for their calm character and serenity. The main thing for this breed is to begin training dogs and start socializing in time. Alabai, as a rule, works well with children in the family, always taking on the function of their protection. However, Central Asian shepherds are pretty playful and wonderful companions. This breed of dogs should be walked only on a leash, so all responsibility for the care of such an animal should fall on the adult family members.

• Responsibility of adopting a dog

These breeds of dogs are not just loyal to the children - they love and protect them from possible dangers. None of these breeds will cause them inconvenience, pain or negative feelings. At the same time, according to the cynologists, the dog in the house is a big responsibility, so to adopt it "for the child" is a very wrong decision.

A dog cannot be adopted just for a child. A dog in the house is, besides the pleasure of communication, also a living creature you should train and take care of. As a rule, the child can quickly get tired of walking and feeding a dog and, in the best case, the adults will take care of an animal when the child only wants to play with their pet. In the worst case, the family gives the god away to other owners, which, of course, somehow affects the psyche of both an animal and a child.

The best age for a conscious dog purchase is when the younger family members are already teenagers, according to cynologists.

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